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NAPST 2012 (Toronto, ON)
September 5 - 7, 2012


For eligibility rules, click here.

The hierarchy of divisions is as follows:
Open               -           REC                -           Masters

(The two finalists in the rec division will automatically play in the open division in the following tournament that they attend.)

Game Format:

Points will be awarded as follows:

Win:  3 points
Tie:  1 point
Loss:   0 points

Tie breaker:    
Should teams be tied in total points at the conclusion of round robin play the following tie-breaker will apply:

1. Head to head results
2. Goal differential
3. Goals for
4. Goals against
5. Cautions (yellow card) = 1point.  Send offs (red card) = 2 points. The team with the fewer total points will prevail.

If teams are still tied after all criteria has been considered, the teams will contest a penalty shootout to decide the winner. Each team will nominate 5 players to take kicks from the penalty mark; the kicks will be conducted in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Cautions and Ejections:

Any player who receives a red card will be suspended for a minimum of one match (the next match). In instances where the player who is sent off is playing for more than one team, the suspension will apply for the division that the offence occurred in.

Players who accumulate three cautions (yellow cards) during the tournament will be suspended for the next match.

All players will have their cautions total wiped clean following the semi finals.

Any player who has been sent off for violent conduct or foul and abusive language is expected to immediately leave the area of the field of play. In all other instances it will be left to the discretion of the referee.

Discipline and Protests:

The Discipline committee will handle all cases of misconduct by any participant (player, coach, manager), and will hear all protests except those regarding eligibility.

Absolutely NO abuse of officials, volunteers or spectators will be tolerated. Any reports of such abuse must be submitted to the discipline committee in writing so that they may be dealt with.  Each instance of discipline will be considered on a case by case basis and the decisions of the discipline committee will be final.

Matters regarding player eligibility will be forwarded to the organizing committee who will make the final decision.

Should the eligibility of a player be questioned, the protesting team must inform the referee.  The referee will assist the two coaches in confirming the player’s identity.  The player in question will be asked to sign the roster adjacent to his/her name and produce appropriate identification. The game will continue as scheduled and all relevant information will be passed on to the discipline committee who in turn will forward it to the organizing committee.   In cases where the match has been completed the coach shall bring the matter to the discipline committee’s attention forthwith.

Unless otherwise stated all matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

The organizing committee will supply two match balls for each game.  Each of the competing teams is responsible for ensuring the balls are returned to the referee after the game. 

Number of Players:

  • Each team may consist of a maximum of 20 players. 
  • A maximum of 18 players may be named to a game roster.
  • There is NO limit to the number of substitutes that may be used in any one game. 
  • Substitutions will be allowed at the discretion of the referee.

Players Equipment:
In the event that there is a clash in colours, the onus is on the “home” team to change their uniforms.

Duration of Play:

  • Round robin and semi final games will consist of 2 equal periods of 35 minutes. Final matches will consist of two equal periods of 45 minutes.
  • Round robin games that end in a tie will remain tied. 
  • All other games that end in a tie will result in Extra Time consisting of two equal periods of 10 minutes.  During Extra Time a “golden goal” will result in a win.
  • Where no goals are scored during Extra Time, penalty kicks will be taken to decide the winner.
  • The Half Time interval shall be 5 minutes.

In an effort to minimize confusion regarding penalty kicks to decide a winner, all participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Some points regarding penalty kicks have been copied below for easy reference.

• Only players who are on the field of play at the end of the match, which includes extra time are eligible to take kicks from the penalty mark, (exception for injured goalkeeper).
• Each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick.
• An eligible player may change places with the goalkeeper at any time when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken.
• If, at the end of the match and before kicks start to be taken from the penalty mark, one team has a greater number of players than their opponents, they must reduce their numbers to equate with that of their opponents and the team captain must inform the referee of the name and number of each player excluded.
• Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark, the referee must ensure that an equal number of players from each team remains within the centre circle and they shall take the kicks.

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